New FPV video! – “Fire and Ice”

Lately almost all my flying has been with the Mini Tricopter. I haven’t flown the Tricopter V3.5 in FPV for quite some time. When I finally found the perfect V3.5 motor I decided to build a really nice, pimped out long range setup and get out there and do some flying, in the style I used to do.

As soon as I took off I fell in love all over again. I had forgotten how smooth and swooshy this thing is. It feels like the air is thicker, smoother and more flowing than when flying the smaller platforms. After landing it feels like you’ve had a 15 minute long hug. Man I’ve missed flying this thing.

11 thoughts on “New FPV video! – “Fire and Ice”

  1. Its great to see new videos again David! Great flying and a real talent for AP.

    Did you stabilize the footage in post processing, or is this really how stable the current platform is?

  2. Thank you David for such an amazing piece of art!

    I have a couple of questions about your setup. First, when you use the ImmersionRc EzUHF, do you use your Hitec Aurora 9x, the Futaba 7C, or some other radio? Second, what video setting do you use with your GoPro 4? What is the aspect ratio of that resolution? If it’s 16:9, does the image get stretched or downsized in any way when you view it through your Fat Sharks that have a 4:3 aspect ratio? Thanks!

    • I use the Futaba 7C for the long range system. Have it modified to mount on the inside.
      Shot this video in 1080p at 120FPS mostly. Just in case I wanted to slow something down or run at 60FPS output and still have some slow-motion option. I would shoot at 2.7K if I knew I didn’t want to slow stuff down. Aspect ratio is 16:9. You get black bars top and bottom on the Fat Sharks

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