The BMS210 servo now comes with feedback wire pre-installed!

BlueBird BMS 210 Feedback

No more modifying your servo! We’ve now redesigned the original BMS 210 servo to include a feedback wire straight from the factory. This wire is used to accurately determine at which angle the servo is positioned at all times. The wire plugs in to the flightcontroller and the information is used by the latest versions of the TriFlight code to vastly improve the yaw performance of the tricopter.

The price for the new RCExplorer 210 DMH Feedback servo is the same as the previous non feedback version.

Note: You don’t have to use the servo feedback wire. The servo will work just like any normal servo if you don’t connect the wire.

All electronic kits now comes with the new feedback version of the servo.

17 thoughts on “The BMS210 servo now comes with feedback wire pre-installed!

    • Yes, I feel the same way. Was not really looking forward to that mod. For the v3, I opened the servo case up to solder on custom cut silicon servo wires and that was enough of a pain that I don’t look forward to doing it again…

  1. Is the wire long enough to run through the arm on the larger Tri or will you still have to solder your own length on to avoid splices?

  2. So I notice when I click on Triflight there are updated versions are these both for mini and large, should I be updating to these new ones?

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