28 thoughts on “BabyTricopter build video

  1. Great Tricopter and great flight performance at the end of the video. I like both very much. šŸ™‚
    Would you mind telling how your settings differ from the default settings?

  2. Thank you David! Love the jokes. Did you get a new pointer finger??? šŸ™‚

    Will you be offering the awesome hot glue lined heat shrink and the self-vulcanizing tape in the store at some point?
    Thanks again. Great design and very inspirational flying!

  3. LOL, Ordered mine as soon as it went live, and just finished building it yesterday. Figures you would post the video just after I finished mine. Flies amazing, really like it. The version of triflight I got on my board doesn’t allow BlHeli pass-through, later versions do. Also why the F3 controller, and SPI gyro if triflight doesn’t allow faster than 1K looptime? You went through the trouble of using F3, and SPI interface on a 6050 so that 8K gyro and 8K PID loop can be supported, when will it be supported by triflight or am I missing something?

  4. Nice video David! I always love watching these. Looking back on it, you must have had a CRAZY busy year so far! V4, both F3FCs, baby tri, etc. I hope that with the summer ending you finally get yourself some rest. You’re the man David!

      • What exactly are you so busy with? Don’t you just sit around all day doing nothing?

        Oh, wait… I, uh, I think you mentioned something about running… what was it, a s-store? Yes, yes, a store.
        Is that, like, where you have to perform QC inspections all the time, ship out orders at breakneck speed, and make constant arrangements with manufacturers and suppliers, that kind of thing??? Hmmm… that doesn’t sound like a lot at all, not at all…

        I’m teasing you, of course ?. It really is crazy how much stuff you’ve got going on. Thanks for everything that you do (well, maybe not so much for blowing up R/C stuff LOL)!!!

  5. Already have a F3FC Racing and Baby PDB in a Trifecta. Just ordered the Baby Tricopter kit to move it all over to. Really looking forward to the stronger frame, more nimble, and better performance coming my way! Maybe I can use it to chase my buddy flying my FT Viggen…. šŸ™‚


  6. David,
    THANK YOU. And @$Ā„? you. I’d successfully gone through the 12 step process of quitting RC (Nitro, NiCd zagis, then 2M Gliders, then DLG) almost 15 years ago when I stumbled onto you and then your work on Flitetest (thank you for them too, I’m an Ohio Native). Here I am juggling grandbabies at the park thinking I wish I had my Mini Tri. I don’t fly much, a dozen packs a month, but because of you I have 4 multis now. I don’t need four. Yet here I am at my build table putting together my Baby. THANK YOU. @$Ā„? you.

    I don’t know your relationship with MrLet’sCrash, but THANK YOU AS WELL. I hope he pays you royalties.

  7. Hi all,

    Im running the mini FC on a quad with BetaFlight and i noticed setting both GYRO and PID to 8k (acc /baro/mag off) my cpu load hits 90/100% which is obviously no good.

    Im flying bare acro – no LED or any of that stuff – shouldnt i be able to run 8k/8k/32k given the power of this board ?

  8. I ordered this first day but just getting to the build. Really nice. I didn’t get any heat shrink though. Perhaps that was added later.
    Why do you switch motor wires to reverse the motor in all of your builds? Why not just reverse the esc with blheli? Is that less desirable?

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