Back in business

We are back from our trip to the Faroe Islands and orders will ship as usual again.

The trip was absolutely amazing. A lot of hiking to get to the top of mountains and see great views. I brought a copter with me and did some high speed flying and some pretty sweet dives down vertical cliffs. Unfortunately on one of those dives I managed to block my RF signal and the copter ended up at the bottom of the sea. I do have enough footage to make a video though.

A highlight of the trip was to see the Puffin birds. Really beautiful creatures that only pooped on me thrice. I managed to take some close up pictures with my 135mm lens and they came out great.


Time to cut another frame and do some experimenting

2 thoughts on “Back in business

  1. Hi David,
    I am sure your holiday must have been a great experience. I cannot wait to see the videos you have made there from your flights. Just the photo of this cute Puffin is quite a teaser for us all. Thank you for sharing your experiences with usl.
    Don’t worry about your copter, I can recommend a guy in Sweden who can make you a brand new one…just look at the man in the mirror, you might know him 🙂
    If you are into hiking or birdwatching, I would be more than happy to have you as our guest and share with you some breathtaking views in Romania (the Transfagarasan or the Danube Delta).
    Posted for Paul by his girlfriend, equally a fan of yours

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! “Cut another frame and do some experimenting” Sounds like you’ve got something exciting up your sleeve! 😀

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