2 thoughts on “Rocket jump RC car part 2!

  1. David,
    I’ll be so happy to see more video from you related to tricopter flying. I consider them very useful for young pilots who reject ready to fly “drones” from China and want to build and fly their own “flying machines”. Since you have spoiled us with fantastic videos about building tricopters, you shared so little about how to become a RC pilot. A step by step guide from a exceptional pilot as you are will be a great incentive for them and very good support for your business. Many peoples are eager to join this hobby but are discouraged by YT video where experienced pilots ride FPV racing quads at extreme speeds. So they decide that this hobby is not for them because they do not have the skills to master a drone at such speeds and to perform very rapid maneuvers. To all of them I usually recommended your tricoper videos where you make the camera to float in the air like in a slow waltz, to obtain an eagle view of the world.
    I’m very nostalgic about those times and I think there is too many violence in FPV video nowadays (yours included, no offence). In spite of new technologies I still love to see video where pilots keep their flying cameras in the air at slow speed and enjoy a beautiful landscape. You use to be one of the best, but (unfortunately for me) your present videos abandoned this direction.
    I hope you still love to fly and to share your videos with us!
    With deepest sympathy and gratitude for everything you have done for this hobby,

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