The Kakute F4 V2 – The new Tri/Bicopter flight controller

We’ve been looking for a more powerful flight controller for a while now. Something with good features like a built-in OSD, soft-mounted gyro, faster processor, good amount of UART’s, enough ADC inputs and enough available pins capable of driving servos.

It’s a pretty tall order, but we did manage to find one; The Kakute F4 V2. It can do both Tricopter and Bicopter with some remapping of pins in betaflight and jihlein on the forums has already made the first test target for dRonin, an awesome firmware that is showing a lot of potential for both the Tricopter and Bicopter. More info regarding this will be posted soon. So keep an eye out!

11 thoughts on “The Kakute F4 V2 – The new Tri/Bicopter flight controller

    • I’m afraid not. Fewer and fewer flight controllers support it, and there is a good reason for it; Latency.
      PPM is very slow compared to SBUS and other newer digital packet protocols. A PPM stream has to be a certain time as that is what’s used to convey the data. It’s also susceptible to noise/jittering as it needs to be read by a timer in the flight controller.
      Compared to a serial protocol where you give the FC a pristine little packet of information that is checksummed to eliminate any errors.
      It’s also at least 4 times as fast.
      It’s a good investment to switch over to a serial protocol. You really do feel the difference if you fly FPV.

  1. There is an “All in One” version of this on HolyBro. My question is if I need to power a video transmitter do I need a separate PCB for that? Or can this power a video transmitter and a servo as well? Looking to build the Tricopter I purchased 2 years ago and never got a flight controller for it. 😉

    • I wouldn’t recommend powering the servo from the built-in BEC in the Kakute AIO board. It’s not made for handling the high peak current generated by servos.
      But besides that, it’s no problem powering the video TX from the same source as the servo as long as it’s rated for the output current

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