Slight problem on the new site.

Hello! Everyone.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! for all of the great info & ideas that the site has provided to all of us in the R/C community. I also wanted to let you know that the on-line calculator(s) for making the wire lenghts in the cloverleaf/ skew plainer (sp?) antenna sections are not working!!

I was trying to make the calculations for a set of 1.3ghz antennas, but the calculators will not accept the inputs for them. I have tried it form 3 different computers, at 3 different locations (just to be sure it wasn’t my mistake) and it is a no-go.

Thank You once again for all of your great work, and sharing it all with us too!


Tall Shadow

6 thoughts on “Slight problem on the new site.

  1. Hey guys, let me say also a big Thank you for this absolut great webside, unfortunately the antenna calculator isn´t working. Pleeeeeeeease we neeed him.

  2. Great site David, thanks for all the work! just thought you should know that the contact form doesn’t work. it keeps saying to use only normal characters. i tried eliminating every piece of punctuation including @ in my email address and it still doesn’t work.
    please keep up the great work!

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