David, the new site rocks!


I have been following your site for several years now, and have seen all the things that you have done for the FPV community.  I am a huge fan of all your videos.  Congrats, by the way, on the new Job!  Just don’t let the ‘clowns’ over there at Flight Test push you around too much!  It would be a blast to work for them, and I hope they are going to take care of you!  On a side note, what does your wife think?  Incidentally, I am a big fan of their work as well, and they have definitely brought some really fun content to the RC world! If you are ever out towards UTAH, give me a shout, and I will give you the royal tour!  You must absolutely do some FPV in Arches and Moab some time!  It would be totally awesome!

Like I said, the new site rocks! I use WordPress on my site, and I cant say enough good things about it!  It works great!


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