hi David I notice that you always refer to using standard rotation propellers on your tricopters, yet all the KK boards only show CW and  C C W blades in there instructions.Is there a special set up required to be able to use standard pop,s

Nealy ready to trial your tricopter design but which props?

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  1. Using propellers that all rotate the same direction on a Tri-Copter is no problem, the only difference is the extra yaw input from the addition torque.

    I myself prefer using 2 props rotating one direction with 1 rotating the other due to the increased yaw response, slightly better efficiency, and the lack of “tilt” that I seems to show up in videos of Tri-Copters running props all in the same rotation direction.

    But just to clarify it is not necessary to run 2 CCW, and 1 CW prop. especially if you are just starting out flying.

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