Setting CG


So here’s the basic purpose of taking this action. A multicopter with an excellent CG will make your flight that much nicer. You always want your CG to be at a point where it is the same distance from the shaft of each motor. This way at hover the weight is at the Center of Lift as I call it and the copter will not wander due to weight imbalance. For a quadcopter set up in an X this is easy as the X already marks the spot but on a tricopter or H copter the center is a little more difficult to pinpoint. I did this on my tricopter using yarn. I strung the yarn around each shaft making a triangle. From there I tied more yarn around the middle of each side and tied the other end to the shaft directly across the triangle as seen in the picture. Where the strings meet is the center of lift. This is where you want to center your weight. Mine happened to line up with my KK board exactly. On a tricopter you may need to move the weight a centimeter or two forward since the rear motor compensates for yaw a little. Thanks for reading and post up the comments!

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