Tricopter Workshop


Back when David returned from the USA, I built my first DW Tricopter. The result looked a bit like in the picture below.



Of course the thing with the Ixus didn’t work at all due to the camera not coping well with vibration, but we know the possible enhancements.

Over the course of the next month, loads of friends of mine had their first experience flying this tricopter. It was a bit like casting a spell, people wanted their own, some never had flown anything RC related before, some others went to the basement and got out their old kit, in the end, five people took it totally serious and we set up a “workshop” to build five DW tricopters (tricopterouses? ;-)).

The happening will be in the last week of August and I will post some pictures of the results. Today was “prep day”, checking that everything is available in required quantities and preparing the wood.

IMG_4095 IMG_4102

Some of the tricopters will have special paint jobs, this one was inspired by “Tigerente”. The rest will be painted on the day before the workshop.


You get a lot of bang for the buck with these copters, a full set with everything that stays in the air including the lipo costs around 145 EUR. (Add charger, add transmitter) Loads cheaper than a Phantom, fully self-made, easy to repair, and much more fun in the long run 🙂

Thank you David! Your design still rocks!

Spec/parts list for this incarnation of the DW tricopter:

3x EMax MT2213 motor with prop
3x Simon K 20A ESC
1x Plywood 4mm and 2mm, screws 16mm and 25mm, booms 12mm, 4mm carbon rod
1x Tilt mechanism
1x Digital metal gear servo
1x Receiver Lemon
1x Flip-Board 1.x Multiwii (funny thing, if you turn the receiver around, you can solder it directly to the flip board, nice and tidy)
Cable, many zipties, servotape
1x Lipo 3S 2200er


Kind regards, Blomdoft


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