New Video! – “High and Low”

Fellow RC fanatics, may I present my latest FPV video – “High and Low”

Every time I fly the Tricopter I fall in love with it over again. I’m currently working hard on making an affordable and high performance tricopter kit available to you awesome guys. Keep an eye out for that. Hopefully in a few weeks if everything goes to plan.

I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I did making it.

RCexplorer V2.6hv delux tricopter

20 thoughts on “New Video! – “High and Low”

  1. Thanks for bringing your wonderful tri to the masses. I wish you much luck in your endeavors.

    The market for smaller copters is so hot now (easy to poke around in smaller spaces, easier to transport and frankly less threatening to a surveillance wary public and less likely to run afoul of potential pending legislation)it seems like everything is out of stock.
    I hope you’ll design something small in addition to something maybe larger for aerial photography.

    I’m looking forward to your creativity and surprising solutions.

    Btw–I’ve built a travel case for my tri (2.5 w/ apm 2.5, rcimmersion 600mw and dlv2) radio and goggles–but i’d like it to be a bit smaller. How much more twitchy would the 2.5 be if I shortened its 18″ arms to 12″?


  2. I am looking forward to your tricopter kit. I have been contemplating getting a tri-copter as my first multi-rotor for some time now. It would be nice to get a kit that would take advantage of your years of expertise to make my first mulit-rotor experience a good one.

  3. Great video.
    I recently finished my tricopter v3. It is based of the 2.6 VH deluxe. (not sure on the name). The main differnce is that i am using $15 ntm motors and not $50 t-motors and a $12 turnigy servo. I was surprised how much i payed. I even got the G-10 frame from the flitetest store and i am under 200 USD. This is obviusly without reciever and radio, battery, charger. The thing that cost the most was the frame, 20+ $17 shipping, but my brother said that i could just order 10 circuitboards shaped like the frame with holes and stuff for about 20$ shipped from china. It flies beautiful.

  4. Hey David, I don’t know if you’ll read this but if you do, I have a question (or a few). First off, when you sell this frame, will you be making a carbon fiber version? I loved the look of the tricopter 2.6hv. And second, will you be making the low voltage regulators like you did for the 2.6hv? Keep flying, I love your videos!

    • Making a voltage regulator is not that hard. The are pretty much the most common parts and almost every electronics shop should have them. The only skill you need is soldering. I would just go with a 2S 200mAh and power one oc thos foxtech transmitters that can take 7-20 volts.

      • I wouldn’t do that. A 2s lipo will drop beneath the seven volts, you’re better of getting a 4s filter and using the new immersion 600mw that can take 6s if you’re on 5.8. Plus 200mah is not much at all…

        • A 2S fully charged is 8.4 volts. At 8.4 volts, 600 mW is 70 mA. I dont think he will be flying for 3 hrs.
          Plus, the transmitters have SMPs. They have filters so you can hook it to the balance port, no problem.

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