Tricopter based on David’s design in Tasmania

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Thought is might be good to post some info on a ‘Heavy’ tricopter based on the rcexplorer design. It’s now up to 1.85Kg and is going great. It’s built on David’s plates from flitetest with wooden booms. The added weight has happened because I desired stabilised video.

The best performance boost was switching from 3S to 4S batteries, (just noticed I haven’t updated the schematic lately oops 🙂

So to that end it now has a tarot 2d gimbal, APM 2.6 flight controller, 4S 5200mAh lipos, 850Kv motors with 11×5 graupner e-props. She goes well and I get a good 15 minutes flight time, up to 70Kmhr and 40 degrees of pitch without loosing height. It’s been out to 1.8Km on 2.4GHz rc and 5.8GHz (600mW) video RHCP….

I’ve linked a video in case you’d like to see the result….

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Tricopter Tricopter schematic rev1.1


Here’s a Youtube video I’ve just uploaded…

Tricopter in Tasmania


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