Assan X8D Hack module – Futaba 7C

Assan X8D Hack module

This is the Hack module as it comes in the box.

The radio I’m going to put it into is a Futaba 7C. Here is mine with the back of.

I drilled a hole for the RP-SMA connector (Antenna connector).

Screwed in place.

Next we need to find the VCC, GROUND and PPM signal. Here is the FASST module removed.

Pretty straight forward in my case. I will be using a switch to switch between the FASST and the Assan modules. Note the crazy colors on the cables!

Here is a simple wire diagram of how the switch is hooked up.

Soldering the switch.

Soldering the wires.

I placed my Assan module underneath the FASST module.

There will be no need to see the Assan LED as it also uses a very loud speaker as an indicator.

I placed my switch in the place where the crystal usually sits.

No worries about accidentally bumping the switch during flight.

Done! You can now use cheap receivers.

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  1. I am trying to convert my Airtronics Infinity radio for something Similar. I still works great , but want to add functionality to it by being able to still use it for 72 mhz and switch it to 2.5 ghz when I want. Do you think it could be done?

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