RCPowers F1 Hydro 3D

I always wanted a flying boat of some sort and after a long while I finally decided to build one. Ever since RCPowers made this F1 Hydro back in 2007 I’ve wanted one.
Well I finaly got one! and here is the build:

All the pieces cut out of 6mm depron.

3mm carbon tube will stiffen stuff up.

A neat trick when gluing carbon spars is to mix the epoxy in wax-paper and rub in the spar before pushing it in.

Awesome hinging tape!

45° cut hinge-lines.

Taping the hinges.

Starting on the spons.
When bending depron, be sure to cover the outside with tape so that it only compresses the foam on the inside.

Use needles to hold stuff where you want it.

I use 5 minutes epoxy to glue the spons. It gives a non-flexing and strong waterproof seal.

Sealing the spons up.

Cuting of the execs.

I use sandpaper with 120 grit for heavy sanding and 400 grit for fine sanding of depron.

Fuselage in place using UHU-POR glue and toothpicks.

Vertical stabilizer glued in place and reenforced using toothpicks.

Top on.

Tail rudder hinging using DU-BRO hinges

One days work.
Update soon!

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