Update time!

The electronics has arrived!

  • Motor: Topwerpro 2409-12T
  • ESC: Towerpro 18A
  • Battery: 2s1000mAh 25-35C Loong-Max to start with
  • Prop: 8*4 slowfly GWS

Hatch cut.

Break away motor-mount.

Hinge for the hatch.

Rare earth magnet for holding the latch.

One is strong enough to lift the whole plane!

A servo in place.

The two other servos in place.

Pushrod for the tail rudder done.

I use ball-links from an old T-Rex kit to make my pushrods.

3mm carbon tube with ball-links

Futaba 2.4GHz FASST Receiver mounted.

Speed-controler in place.

“Training wheel wings” glued on.

I used some clear hard plastic to protect the bottom of the spons.

Out in the snow.


Initially the plan was just to test-drive it around on the ground because the wife had the car so I couldn’t get to a field.
I walked to the nearest place that I could find with some flat ground and plugged in the battery.

The Hydro handles well on the snow but after a while my fingers got a little to itchy…
I thought that I would take of for just a short bit and land it directly, a little jump with other words.

Well this is how it ended:

Can you spot it?

Nothing serious, a few minutes of love and glue and she will be in the air again.

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