A cold day with celebrations

Today I got my 200th Youtube subscriber!
Wohoo! Congratulations David! Yay!
And to think that it was only three months ago that I got my 100th subscriber. Thank you, all of you that have subscribed and to all of you that visit this site regularly and post comments. It’s guys like you that made me create this homepage and invest my time. Without you this hobby wouldn’t be any where near as fun as it is. So thank you once again!

Another thing to celebrate is that the Winter Solstice is today. Which means that from today the days will only get lighter and longer again here in Sweden. But to be honest it doesn’t really matter when it’s -18°C (0°F), which is was earlier today, even if it was light enough when I get home I probably would have stayed inside. Lucky I got a lot to build!

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