Mystery package unpacked

Good guesses everyone! The content of the mystery package was a complete FPV setup. I will be building this FPV setup for a friend from In return I get a Starmax A-10 twin ducted fan ARF airplane. I hope to be able to finish this build in the two weeks of vacation we have from work, now around Christmas. A list of what was in the package can be found after the “Read More”

The package contained:
1 Starmax A-10
1 Multiplex Twin Star II

2 Above All 2813-18 1022kV motors
2 Above All 18A v2 ESC’s
4 Power HD-1160A Servos
2 8*6 APC props
1 3600mAh 10-15C Electric Power LiPo
6 pairs of Multiplex battery connectors
4 60cm servo extension cables
4 30cm servo extension cables

1 bottle medium thick CA
1 bottle accelerator for CA

1 pair of Rvision-D high resolution goggles
1 300mW 1.3GHz video transmitter
1 dual output 1.3GHz video receiver
1 8dBi Patch antenna
1 f2.97 lens
1 Flytron Simple OSD Ultralight edition
1 Flytron current sensor for the OSD
1 Flytron Dt-3k hybrid headtracker
1 HS65HB servo
1 HS55 servo
1 sheet 3mm plywood

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