A HD suprise!

Did you all think I was just going to give up after the fiasco with the Camileo P10? Then you were kind of right… I have given up on trying to make that camera work with a remote camera head. Instead I decided to try my luck with another camera. I found this diamond in the rough on a swedish auction site and won it for less than €50.

It’s an Aiptek Z500 PLUS and it can record in both 1440*1080p in 30FPS and in 1280*720p in 60FPS!

For more pictures and info click the “Read more”

The Z500 Plus weighs 204 grams with battery and 178 grams without. Which means that it’s slightly heavier than the Camileo at 148g without battery. But the Z500 also has 3X optical zoom (which I shall remove)

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