Help me win

I need your help my friends. Every month FPV-Community hosts a video competition. This month the price is a FY21AP System with Return-to-Home, OSD and AP117 GPS. I’ve been planning on getting a similar system for an upcoming project, and this would save me a lot of cash that I can use on the rest of the very complicated and expensive project.

All you have to do is vote for my entry in this thread. Thanks for your help!


I was disqualified from the competition due to making this post. Although no rule prohibits promoting your video. Other participants in previous competitions have promoted their videos on various online forums before without being disqualified, and I feel very unjustly treated.

After my protest, among some others, the moderator decided to close down the competition entirely, instead of having the courage to admit that his decision had been faulty. A very sad story, as I have previously had great trust in him and the forum. This will be a unhappy ending to my connection to that forum.

You can read it all in this thread, if you wish to see how it came to be like this.

A big thank you to all that voted for me, and to those defending me in the thread.

Update 2: Feiyu Tech stepped up and sent me a FY21AP + AP117 OSD!
Thanks Feiyu Tech and Ben Warren for making this happen.

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