KK Flight-controllers for sale

Update: All boards are now sold out. I will not be making any more.

Many, many people have asked me if I sell complete KapteinKUK multi-rotor flight-controllers (the one I use on the Tricopter V2), so far the answer has been no. But this is about to change! I will soon be offering 100% complete and tested KK flight controllers, made with high quality components and a lightweight PCB, programmed for the multi-rotor-type of your choice
(choices are: mono, twin, tri, quad, quadX, hex, hexY)

The first batch will be ready in less than two weeks, so send me an e-mail if you’re interested, the price will be 1000SEK (about $150) shipping included. I prefer payment through Paypal, unless you have a Swedish bank account. I will get back to those on top of the waiting-list when the cards are ready. So, wether you live in Sweden or not, now you’ll have the chance to get you own KK-card, built and tested by RCExplorer!

Update: Clarification and new pictures

  • 100% Pre-built, no extra assembly required.
  • Includes all components required (including gyros)
  • Pre programmed for the multi-rotor type of your choice.
  • 100% of all functions tested before being shipped.
  • Only high quality components.
  • Price: about $150 (shipping included, worldwide).
  • The pictures below show a complete board, ready for shipping:


Why buy from me and not the cheapest alternative:

My boards are made using through-hole-components, which are more crash-resistant and easier to repair/replace, if something should happen. I only use high-quality components and the price reflects that as well as that my production is on a very small scale. The alternatives I have found (and some of you) cost around $120 (including shipping). The extra $30 for one of my cards will give you a better product and a closer connection to the maker – I will offer you help if it breaks and repair it for very reasonable sums if you happen to crash. Plus that you support my upcoming projects!

A full guide for how to install and trim out your KK-platform is coming soon!
Update: The guide is now ready!

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