New FPV video! – In 3D!

I’m proud to present the first HD 3D FPV video!

Don’t have any 3D glasses? You can either watch it in 2D by clicking the “3D” menu on the bottom of the clip, click “other options” and choose “No 3D glasses”. You can now choose only to watch the left or right camera.

Or you can make your own 3D glasses by using a red and blue/cyan marker and color a CD-cover, like this:
Be sure to have the red color over the left eye to get the proper effect.

To make this video I equipped the Tricopter V2 with two GoPros mounted upside down. I flew in “2D” by using the live output from the right camera.
I call it the TriDcopter ^_^
With 10*4.7 GWS props I got plenty of lift. Flight time was about 8 minutes in the cold weather.

Some of you might have noticed the HobbyKing logo in the video. That’s because I am now being sponsored by! This means that I can step up my game and make even more videos and projects.

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