Arenan in Skövde 2011

Every year I attend a local swap-meet in Skövde. It’s always a great time to buy stuff at good prices, swap stories and fly inside the big “Arenan”. I had a really good day and met lots of new people. This year we did something different, a pylon race with multirotor platforms. There were three MK controlled platforms – 1 tiny quad, 1 standard size quad and 1 hex competing apart from me with my KK tricopter and my friend Christian’s AR Parrot drone.
Getting ready for my flight.

I flew my race in FPV, which was quite a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I gave it my best.

Here is a video of my flight;

Unfortunately I forgot to start the recording on my GoPro, so no in air video.

We had a great time. Christian knocked over three of the six pylons with his AR drone and the hexacopter blew away the pylons completely! I hope we can do this again next year.

(Photos and video by Patrik Gustavsson)


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