Free RC song and ringtone

A year ago I went over to a very good friend of mine, Andreas Schelin, with my Twin Star II under my arm. I placed the TS2 on the floor of his “workshop” and Andreas started placing tripods around the room. A couple of minutes later there were wires hooked up all over the place. Andreas stared at a computer screen before turning to me and giving me the thumbs up. I grabbed the tail of the TS2 and gave it wide open throttle.

You see Andreas is a musician and he wanted to make a RC song. That night we sampled RC sounds together and only a week later the song was complete. I used it in my “FPV in the Fireworks on New Years Eve” video;

I’m now happy to tell you that I have Andreas permission to share the song with you to use in whatever way you like.

You can download the song by clicking the link below
Twin Stars (RCExplorer Anthem) – By Andreas Schelin.MP3

And as an added bonus he also made a short ring/sms -tone:
RCExplorer ringtone.MP3

And for those with Iphones:
RCExplorer ringtone.M4R

A big thanks to Andreas Schelin
Visit his site at

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