Anyone near Blackpool in the UK?

This coming Friday (the 9th) I’ll be in Blackpool, UK.
Discovery Channel has hired me to do some aerial work for their new series “PYROS”, which is a show about a professional pyrotechnics team that travels the globe to compete in the biggest firework shows.

I’ll be filming the crew as they set up, some general B-role of the area, the crowd and the final fireworks display.

I would love to have someone helping me out a little, assisting me as a spotter and as an extra pair of hands when they are needed. Would be great to have someone to talk a little RC with as well between the shots.
Anyone interested?

One thought on “Anyone near Blackpool in the UK?

  1. First I should say thanks you David for sharing so generously all your knowledge and passion with us. I discovered you on the flitetest youtube channel and came digging in your old blog entries for more 🙂

    I was curious to see your work on the firework filming and search a bit: Blackpool is in the first part of season 1 episode 7 of the Discovery show.
    Knowing that, it is easy to find it on youtube but quality is generally quite bad.
    For those interested, the best video quality I found is but it is dubbed in russian (I guess).
    There is a couple of day light shoot at 3:08, 3:33 and 6:52 and night shoots (plus a lot of typical discovery dramatization) between 11:10 and 16:00.

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