Laxå jet meeting 2011

This past weekend I visited Sweden’s largest meeting with jet turbine powered models.
Over 25 models where flown. One to two models at the time were in the air and the sound and smell was awesome!
They sound just like the real thing. However I was surprised by how different all the models sounded to each other. Some had really deep powerful rumbles. Other had a really high pitched, “moving a lot of air” sound.

This was my first time visiting a jet meeting and I was struck by how the feel was more of that of an air-show more than a RC meeting. Normally everyone is milling about everywhere talking to everyone. Here the models and pilots where in a roped of area, of to the side from the spectators. Most of the spectators had brought their own chairs and sat watching, eating lunch and talking among them selfs.

I got to meet a lot of cool people and see some amazing planes. Here is my personal favorite, a JA 37 Viggen:
The scale detail was amazing. These models even had breaks on the wheels, making them stop in a very realistic way after landing.

These models are not cheap though. While I were there one model crashed. This is what was left of it:

There were some really cool helicopter there as well, this one was my favorite by far:
A work of art.

I took a lot of pictures and made a gallery for you guys, enjoy!
Click here to open the gallery in a new window

To summarize; Awesome day, awesome models, great people. Will definitely go back next year.

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