Lawmate Saw filter upgrade results

Hi guys, sorry for not posting in a while. I’ve been ill this passed week, but now I’m fit for fight.

A while back I upgraded the SAW filter in one of my two lawmate receivers.
I have now done comparison between the modified and unmodified receivers.
The test was done over multiple flights with both receivers hooked up to a diversity switch (Eagle Eyes). Between each flight I swapped the antennas between the two receivers to eliminate that variable.

I wasn’t too surprised by the results. The modified receiver had better performance than the unmodified one, but not by a huge amount. Both receivers worked well but the modified one was nearly always chosen by the diversity switch. I didn’t really notice a huge boost in range but there was a slight improvement, I think. Maybe it’s just a delusion of mine. If you’re on the fence about exchanging the filter in you’re receiver but unsure if you’re really up to the task, I would recommend not doing it. The juice might not be worth the squeeze. However if you like modifying and soldering go right ahead. It does improve the performance and it’s kind of cool to have a modified receiver to boast to you’re friend about.

Link to the DIY guide to changing the SAW filter in your receiver

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