Quadrones for sale!

5 Quadrone kits are now ready for shipping. These will most probably be the only 5 I’ll ever make, as the time and effort it takes to make them where much grater than I had first anticipated.
Items included in the kit:
Pre-drilled carbon fiber arms.
40 M3 16mm screws
30 M3 Lock-nuts
4 M3 40mm screws
2 10mm plastic standoffs
10 2.5mm black zip-ties
8 Motor mount plates
8 Elbow fold plates
4 Landing gear plates
1 Top frame plate
1 Bottom frame plate
2 Servo mount plates
1 Tilt camera gimbal
(2 side plates, 1 bottom plate, 1 back plate, 2 support brace pieces, 2 side plates for the FPV camera.)

Price will be 250USD for the above package. Insured and trackable international shipping is 20USD.

I can offer to sell the plastic dome at 12USD but that will bump the shipping up to 40USD as the package passes over the magic limit of 500 grams.

I can also offer the peli-clone case for 80USD but then I have to look at other shipping alternatives.
First come, first served my friends. Send me an email through the contact page to order

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