Quadrone kits

I’ve been getting quite a few emails about the Quadrone. A few asks for the DXF files others to buy kits. I though I would answer these questions here.
I will be sharing the plans and DXF files soon, I just need to have the time to sit down and complete the drawings. I’m currently working full time as an electronic test-technician and don’t quite have the same time as I use to. But don’t worry, they will be available soon.

As for selling kits; I will be offering 5 kits for sale within 2 weeks or so. These kits will include all CF parts, pre-drilled arms, screws and nuts. I’ll will also be to buy the plastic dome and case for those who want the exact same ones that I use. I’ve yet to calculate the cost for these kits but I’m afraid to say that they won’t be cheap as the raw material cost are high as well as it takes 3 hours or so simply to cut the parts for each kit. That is why I only will be offering 5 kits. I couldn’t afford more material. 5 also seemed like a good trial run to see how much trouble I run into during production.

As soon as the kits are available for sale I’ll make a post on the homepage and the first 5 people to order will get the kits.

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  1. when you going to release the plans because in a week im going to build my first quadcopter and i realy like quadrone and make some tris and quad and share them with us

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