Looking for a web designer -Found one

I’ve felt for quite some time now that it is time to give RCExplorer.se a face lift.
But I don’t have the time nor the necessary know how to make a professional homepage of the caliber that RCExplorer.se deserves. But perhaps one of my lovely readers might be up for the challenge?

I’m currently using RapidWeaver, which I feel I’ve outgrown. I need to be able to update the blog directly on the site itself, so that I can make shorter, more immediate updates from anywhere.
I also need to be able to change/expand the site after it’s been developed, so it has to be in an open-source CMS, like Drupal or Joomla, and quite user-friendly written.
As I’m slowly starting to offer some products for sale (like the tricopter frames) and hope to continue to expand this part of the site, some sort of webshop would be great, preferably one that can calculate shipping costs as well (but this might be too difficult?).
Another feature I would like to add to the site is a ”free for all” blog page. Where anyone, after registering an account, can make a blog post. Like on DIYdrones.com.
Of course, the site also needs to be well organized and appealing to visit, so you need a bit of an esthetic streak as well.

Not asking for much, am I? 🙂 But, I still hope that one of you would feel that this is a challenge you would enjoy helping me out with.
I’m not expecting you to do it for free, but at the same time, resources are limited… If you feel up for the job, send me an email telling me a bit about your competence and visions for the site, as well as how much (or what, if you perhaps want a product instead of cash) you would want to complete the job.

– I’ve now found a great guy that’s going to help me out!
Thanks to all that send me emails.
The new homepage is one the way but it’s still going to be a while. Just keep calm in the meanwhile and fly some planes 😉

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