Update behind the scenes

There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes at the moment, hence the lack of updates lately. However I feel the time has come to explain what I’m doing and why it take so much time.
I’m currently working full time as a test technician for a big electronics company here in Sweden, but not for long… I’ve been offered a new job… at FliteTetst! So I’ve spent the last couple of months struggling with the process to get a US work visa. Luckily it’s almost over as it’s in the final stages now, and all I can do is wait. I’m really exited to see Chad, Josh and the gang again. I’ve got a lot of ideas for episodes and wacky builds, that I’m itching to try out.

Also I’m working hard on the new homepage, which hopefully will be up soon. It’s been a major pain to move all the old post one by one into the new CMS. But it’s almost done. There will be a couple of new features that I think a lot of you will really like. I wont give anything away just yet, I want it to be a surprise.

I also got a few projects that I haven’t had the time to publish yet, like a new ridiculously overworked FPV groundstation. Here is a sneak peak of it:
Intentionally dark and hard to see 😉
Other projects coming up is a EPP FPV build with the FY21AP, the video of the Tricopter V2.6HV, a tricopter V2.6HV dlux build, a video of the quadrone and much more.

I wish to thank all of you that visit this site regularly. Without you, RCExplorer.se wouldn’t be able to keep going. I’m very grateful for your support.

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  1. Man Im supper excited to see you have a job in RC. And you are getting a work visa. That means Im going to see allot of your funnyness and awesome creations on youtube allot more. I have been wishing you would come back to flight test since you went back home. Its going to be the best RC show with you back in it.

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