Welcome to the new homepage!

Friends, let me present to you the brand new and improved RCExplorer homepage!

The homepage is now based on wordpress and about 500 posts had to be moved and around 3000-4000 links had to be redirected. But now it’s all done and ready to use. Chris, my webdesigner has done an amazing job turning my vision into reality, and I owe him a big time. So thank you Chris!

Unfortunately all the old comments from the old homepage were lost when the 3:rd party plugin was discontinued. But I plan on making that up to you guys by being much more active on the page and answering comments. I have now quit my job and getting ready for my trip to the US. Which means I now have much more time for the homepage.

One of the new features is the “Open Blog“, where anyone can make a blog post about their RC adventures, to share and inspire. I really look forward to seeing what you guys are up to.

To celebrate the launch of the new homepage my friend Adam baked this awesome cake:

RCExplorer tårta
It tasted as awesome as it looks!
So get over to the “Open Blog” and start posting!

19 thoughts on “Welcome to the new homepage!

    • hmm, that’s a pretty neat idea 🙂 Never seen that before 😀 Or maybe a podcast show, so people can listen to it at work. I wonder if people want their ears word down by a horrible swedish accented fanatic 😉

      On a side note, do you guys want me to start with the chaotic chats again? (with a better client this time)

      • I think chat was a good idea but too many people asking too many things was chaotic.
        That’s why I think some kind of moderation is required and not by ignoring people but by taking turns to talk.
        About a podcast I think the future is in video, specially in this hobby where a picture can show a lot.

        If you want to go with the chatroom, try mounting an IRC chatroom on a free server (Dalnet?) or roll your own on EC2 virtual machine or similar

        P.D.: Don’t worry for the english, mine is kinda “not so polished” too…

  1. Hey David! congrats for your new website!

    I would love to listen your International Swedish english, for sure lot better than my English with Spanish accent XP

    Great you are back

    Thanks for all your work

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