First episode of Rotor DR1, and I’m in the U.S.

The first episode of Rotor DR1 is here!

Chad asked if I wanted to come over to the US to visit and help out with a couple episodes. The timing was just perfect as the parts for the tricopter kits wont arrive for for another couple of weeks. So I’m currently in the US until Thursday the 23rd.

So far we’ve been making props and shooting some inserts. I’m actually going to be a character in the show and here is a picture of how I’m going to look:

David The Drone Hunter

The canon is inspired by the Overkill FPV ground station. It’s 2.4GHz helical attached to a nerf gun that Chad painted and weathered. Here is a short behind the scenes video on the RF canon:

15 thoughts on “First episode of Rotor DR1, and I’m in the U.S.

  1. I have no words available to describe how I feel about this. I’m serious. I find this to be so great, I am shocked. Chad’s ability to build brands and source talent, inspire, equip, and encourage said talent, then produce buckets of pretty cool stuff is awesome. I mean, he just opened up a whole new entertainment industry for complete geeks. I mean geek on a level the big corporations don’t even know exists! The Nerd Network.
    Now, David you is like Han Solo and Boba Fett rolled in RC tech batter and deep fried in a cauldron of design skill oil. What? I don’t even know. Dip it in the proverbial awesome sauce.
    Thanks for being awesome.:)

  2. Soo cool…. I totally forgot why I browsed in to your site but now It start to come back to me…. I thought of asking when my tri-copter may be shipped due to the backorders and now I know, when you get back, smile. I hope you have another fun stay here in USA. I’ll browse back later for an update on the backordered tri-copters, I can’t wait to get my built going, I have already all the parts from HobbyKing delivered, I guess I need to balance props and motors for some weeks to come, not going crazy waiting.
    Emil Andersson
    Oceanside, CA

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      I’d rather have David balancing props than pros and cons 🙂

  3. Dear David,
    Over the last few weeks I have been trying to contact you with no success. I live in Australia and have just received your Tricopter V3 Kit and have noticed part of it is missing. The part which is missing is the mounting 3d Printed Part to attach the Tilt mechanism to the boom with zip ties. In the Tilt Mechanism product page it is the part shown in the top left hand corner of the first picture. I noticed this part was missing while it was still in the sealed bag so there is no chance that I have lost it. Since it should have been included in the kit could you send me a new one?
    From Cameron

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