Swedish post update

Hi guys,

Here is a little update on the swedish post shipping

Posten_SverigeWhen the order ships out you will receive a confirmation email from posten. As soon as you receive this email it means that your package has been sorted at the local post office and is on it’s way to you. This email does not contain a tracking number. This is because the tracking number is a “weak” tracking number, meaning that it will only get updated when it’s sorted in Sweden and and won’t update until it is delivered. However I post the tracking number as a customer note on all orders to better keep track of things, as well as making the tracking number available to you. But please don’t freak out if your package doesn’t update from the service station, the package is not stuck, it’s on it’s way. As soon as you receive the email from posten you know you package is on it’s way to you.

Posten offers better tracking options but the shipping cost is much higher, and the delivery time isn’t faster. However if people want a more expensive and more trackable shipping option (Trackable in 46 counties), I can make that available. Prices would be around 10 USD higher for international shipping than the current shipping class.

Thank you all for the great support and feedback on the kits so far! Looking forward to seeing some flight videos!

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  1. Hi David,
    Thank you for the post. I just received my kit today (YES!!!!!). It takes 7 days to get to Switzerland.
    By the way, on the Swedish post traking system, the package is still in Nässjö 😉

  2. Hi David. My tracking number I received in an email I received on October 4th, 2014. It is a follows:
    Hello, a note has just been added to your order:
    Tracking nr: UA187864040SE
    For your reference, your order details are shown below.
    Order: #7050
    Just wondering David if you know if a package shipped from Sweden once it arrives into the United States will it arrive by UPS, USPS, Fedex, or DHL? I appreciate all your help.

  3. Myself, I enjoy the crappy tracking. A lot of old fashioned anticipation can build up as you check the box each day. I truly love the joy of suddenly seeing a HK parcel on my doorstep, or best ever, my wife handing me a box and saying I have swedish mail. I was truly excited, because I knew not it was coming. We used to mail a check somewhere and maybe get a package in six to eight weeks!! It’s boring getting a text that it’s been delivered, where’s the thrill? Anyone else feel that way? It’s a sure sign I’m getting older, the renunciation of new methods I view as inferior to the old way. Could be enlightened wisdom, maybe. Could be aging.

  4. Hey David, I’m a big fan of your work and this Tricopter design, especially its modularity. Also I think it’s great you are not taking any short cuts in your build videos and give people details other people would skip (learned a lot from your videos 🙂

    I think I was lucky to get the last Tricopter of the first batch and yesterday I was thrilled it arrived at the post office (in Finland so not to far from you:) But when I picked it up I was in for a shock how battered the package looked:

    I think one corner had gotten wet during transit and someone from the post tried to tape it closed and stuffed pieces back in that had fallen out. Luckily nothing seems broken and all important parts are there but I seem to have lost both sets of screw packs (the one that came with the kit and the extra I ordered).

    So yeah I would vote for having different shipping options in the future and I would be willing to pay a premium to get packages in OK condition 🙂

    BTW: since I seem to get my hands easier on 20mm M3 screws, does anything speak against only using these and no 18mm?

    Thanks! Again, I am still a happy customer and fully support you and your business.


  5. I could not be happier with the service I got..an email from Posten informing me that there was a “letter under transportation” and 5 days later my package was on my doorstep. No tracking for me, thanks! 🙂

  6. Hello all I’m in the UK and mine came on saturday morning. Was tracked in sweeden only.. then nothing for days.. then suddenly the world was all shiny.
    Best regards to every one.

  7. It seems posten.se does not update the tracking with any notes of shipping the package abroad. It just says received at Nässjö.

    The next update was a pick-up notice from posten.no (norwegian postal service) that the package was ready to be picked up.

    Sadly they now lost my package somewhere between re redisribution-central and my local post-office. 🙁

  8. I haven’t yet received my package. I ordered 11 days ago. I’m from Germany. My order id is #6989.

    I also sent you an email. Maybe you can do something about it.

  9. Hooray! I received my package today. The USPS lady was kind enough to give it to my Girlfriend at the front door. Nicely packaged. It seems even the box is collectable with the words rcexplorer emblazoned on the box! My packing customs slip was even signed by David. The 3D parts are awesome and i sat for a few hours looking at the parts. I have a 2.5 version wooden frame that I had built a month ago and some parts ordered from Hobbyking. Going to earn my wings on it before I tackle the V3. Thank you David for you and your wife Johanna for carefully packaging and shipping my V3 limited signed edition! Thank you Patrick for the USPS heads up.

  10. Hi David, I received my kit 2 days ago. I’m in California, USA. The kit looks great, can’t wait until I can free up some time to build it. The kit is very nicely packaged.

  11. Ordered the backordered kit and some spare parts on oct 9. Got a mail to confirm my order right away. Paid with PayPal and am used to both eBay and Hobbyking hogging my money right away, regardless of items being in stock or not. Got a mail (in danish, I live in Denmark) from Posten on oct 16 saying a letter is on it’s way. Got a notice in my snail-mail box on oct 17 saying a package was attempted delivered, and could now be picked up a the local post office on oct 18. Picked up my small package of spare parts today. Screws are of course stock, but the 1.5mm vibration dampeners that I have tried to bend my self with little success, look really good. I like the black finish and really nice work on them 🙂 Payment for the spare parts were charged from my PayPal account on oct 13, I assume that is when the spare parts were sent. No charge for the backordered kit yet. I assume I won’t be charged until the kit is shipped. A lot of larger companies could learn something here!

    I am really impressed with RCExplorer AB and their (Davids?) business model. Thumbs up!

    Now I just have to sit patently and wait for items ordered from HobbyKing on oct 8 (KK mini, 9x5E props and FPV etc) that are yet to ship from Hongkong, even though all items were in stock when ordered and are currently in status “printed”. HobbyKing is “looking into” the problem… I wish David would sell pre-configured KK-mini boards also 🙂

    • Upon reviewing my account I discovered that payment for the backordered item has been chaged from my account at the time of placing the order. Makes little difference to me, but just wanted to reckdefy myself. Sorry for the earlier misinformation.

  12. Hi David !
    After reading DkDarkness post, I’m afraid there is something wrong with my command. I ordered backordered some parts of the kit on oct 8 and got an email from Paypal saying everything is okay but I have still no news from Posten or something else… Maybe it take more time to come in France ?
    I know you very busy David and you are also in America doing an awesome series of awesomeness but could you check if my order is ok ?
    Thank you a lot ! May you fly fast and low !

  13. WOOT! Got my email that the package has been posted!
    I’m in Illinois, USA and ordered Oct 1, waiting has been tough…hope it is here by the weekend. All the other parts are here, my son and I hope to get it flying by Thanksgiving. Do you have any snow flying hints? I think we’ll have to fly on the snow a lot. Waterproofing? Pontoons? No way I can wait for spring. Thanks again.
    David, you are brilliant and awesome. A great future is in store for you with all your talent as well.

    • I hope you’ll be up and flying before thanksgiving 🙂

      Yeah on the snow flying, waterproofing the ESC’s should be a high priority. Liquid electrical tape works awesome. Probably a good idea to waterproof as much of the electronics as possible. Other than that you should be good to go. The snow will help dampen crashes 🙂

  14. Hi from Australia David!

    Just wondering if you have any idea when you will be shipping out more V3 tris? I placed an order on 15th October but I haven’t heard anything yet.

    I know you’re a busy man at the moment but any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks David.


  15. David,
    I ordered when there where 7 kits available (Order: #8090).
    I did not receive anything from “POSTEN” yet. Can it be that its due to the Holliday season ??
    By the way a, a little bit late, Happy Holliday’s.


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