46 thoughts on “Tricopters back in stock!

  1. 1000th order eh, that’s awesome! You make one heck of a tricopter kit and the parts are superb quality. I ordered some more arms to go with the Electrohub mid frame from FT and am looking forward to that build!

  2. David, congratulations on 1000 of your tricopters out there in the world!

    I am just starting to build mine. One thing I’ve thought of as a possible accessory is another platform to gain more real estate for electronics. I’m starting out with a multiwii board, but I would eventually want to integrate something a little more powerful like a Eagletree Vector. I don’t think I have the space for that right now. Instead of an accessory, perhaps all that’s needed is a video of tips on doing something similar.

    • Hei Michael, it is possibel to put a vectoe on the tricopter no problem. I wil send som pics ( if i know how to post them). I have a FC from eagel tree (vector) with a immersion uhf. I just need to clean the wires better.

  3. Michael I agree!!!!! I also want a version of the Tricopter with a GPS assisted flight controller that can have return to home function. Just received my tricopter btw and its AWESOME

  4. Just received my Tricopter V3 kit. And what a surprise when I opened the box. Nr 1000!! Thanks David for the little extra! 🙂 But maybe more appropriate is Congratulations to the success! Thanks, Thomas

  5. OK as everyone suggested I updated my FCB, the new program seems to have different scales for the inputs.

    Can David or someone share with me your settings for the KK2.1.5 flashed to Stevies V1.91S1 (Tricopter V3)

    It would seem the numbers for settings are different.

    [email protected]

  6. Hi David, the product description says: “The tricopters are unfortunately out of stock again. New stock should arrive early January.”

    You might want to correct that to avoid confusion 🙂

  7. I love my rcexplorer tricopter. It flies so smooth with the APM flight controller and all I did was autotune it. That in combination with the recommended motors, good propellers, and stiff arms helps a lot. Yaw oscillations are the only issue I had with APM (Arducopter) and the top heavy yaw assembly, but they can be avoided by lowering the YAW-STAB-P gain a lot.

    This is 1 of my videos of it in action:

    APM has also saved my tricopter a few times already due to a few failsafes and MinimOSD blacking out once.

    • OMG! That is an awesome place to fly! Very ballsy to fly out to the boat with your new tricopter 😀 I wished I lived close to a place like that 🙂
      Looks like the tricopter is flying great! Looks like you were flying around at a pretty decent speed, what setup are you running?
      Keep up the good work! 🙂

      • I’m glad you like it 🙂 and sorry for the late reply.

        This is the setup I used (it’s in the description below the video):
        36cm 10x10mm hard wood arms
        APM 2.5 flight controller with Arducopter 3.1 firmware
        T-Motor MT-2216 900kv motors
        rctimer ESCs with SimonK firmware
        HQProp 9×3.8 propellers
        3000mah 25C 4S Turnigy Nanotech lipo
        GoPro 3 Black Edition
        Sony 600tvl CCD camera
        Scherrer NR
        Fox 800mw 1.3Ghz VTX with cloverleaf
        TGY-390DMH yaw servo (fit’s perfectly and has a metal case which is perfect for tie wraps)

  8. Hey David!

    Still waiting on mine to arrive, any idea of the transit time to Australia? its been 17days now

    Can’t wait for it to arrive all the electronics are waiting!!


  9. Finally finished my V2.6HV. It Flies Beautifully! Cant imagine how it could possibly be better but one day I will find out. 🙂 I will definitely have to get a V3 someday! Thank You David for an amazing design. Truly a work of art. 🙂

  10. Hi David, I ordered mine on 1/29 and have not yet received a shipping confirmation. Are these still in stock and shipping? I’m anxious to get going on my official V3 instead of my kinda nice but not the real deal tricopter.

  11. Woohoo just had notification that my tri-copter is on its way. Just need to source the metal geared servo now 😉 Can’t wait to get teh build started and get flying

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