New product, new shipping…

Things have been really busy over here lately. You guys have been ordering like crazy, thank you for that! I have some new things in the works that I’m not quite ready to announce just yet, but they are coming. I’m also trying to squeeze in editing a video, which I hope to have ready soon as well.

Since people have been asking for it, the store now has an insured and (to some countries) trackable shipping option. The standard non-insured option is still available. A list of the trackable countries and more info on the different shipping options is available here.

Hobbyking seems to have trouble stocking the TGY-210DHM and the high quality BMS-210DHM is nearly impossible to find online for some reason. So to make things a bit easier I for people to get this excellent servo, I decided to buy a small batch of 100 units. Check it out in the store here.


15 thoughts on “New product, new shipping…

  1. Awesome, I have a Blue Bird on my V3 and it’s an awesome servo. Also, I’m glad you’re making a video. 4 years ago, your videos inspired me to get into the FPV hobby.

  2. The pictures in the store almost make it look like it might be a Mini 🙂

    When a mini comes out I will buy another kit for sure.

    Hopefully you soon have some time to spend on the Naze32.

      • Yeah I already watched that. It’s a good video but most of it I already figured out myself. Spend some time tuning the PID values last week but I just can’t get the jaw anywhere close to normal, and the weather hasn’t been helping either.

    • Unless just setup for the photo shoot, the “leaked” pictures would indicate a smaller motor with the ESCs placed inside the body 🙂 (3 Motor wires going through the boom to the body)

      Crossing my fingers for a rad mini tricopter 😀

  3. Good move, David! Thanks! Spent quite some time to find a source and finally discovered one store in Germany offering the BMS-390 (which now eagerly waits to become part of a V3).

  4. Thank you to be not like the other like “Buy my stuff and that it”. I think your customer service are the best and everybody should take a lesson from you.
    You rocks David 🙂

  5. Hey David do you know about how long it will be until the tricopter kits are back in stock? I’ve been flying a Turnigy Talon but I like how yours is designed more.

  6. Is the output shaft able to fir the tricopter mount? Same size? I bought a servo from Hobbyking in hopes to upgrade but the output shaft not he servo is much too small. Darn it. I need to spend some time in sketchup and see if I can modify the drawing to use this servo.

  7. wow wow!! David is amazing !! I order some parts feb 17 2015 and received it to my door the 19 !!! very fast shipping!! and also very fast reply from my question!! thanks and sure i will do more business with you soon !!

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