Store open again – Lower prices!


I’ve managed to re-negotiate the prices with some of my suppliers and I’m passing on those savings to you. The base Tricopter V3 kit is now only $85 – $10 cheaper! and a Kit with Naze32 frame and PowerDistribution-BEC frame is now only $118! In fact almost half of the products now have slightly lower prices.


Thank you for your awesome support, and for being awesome.

18 thoughts on “Store open again – Lower prices!

  1. @David I’m about to pull the trigger on some DYS 1806 2300Kv motors for an improved 3S setup of the 250 class mini tricopter… But seeing the nice RCExplorer branded DYS2208 motors for the 330 class version, I’d like to know if there is a chance you’d reveal the plans for the coming hardware extensions in the shop I already have the DYS 30A and DYS20A ESCs on order, but would MUCH rather throw my money at you! 😀

  2. Wow, that’s great news @David! So all one needs to stock beforehand is the Tx/Rx, VTx/VRx, board camera, some wire and a XT60 connector along with lots of 1800MAh 4S 40C lipos 🙂 Looking forward to the recommended setup etc 🙂

      • There is a coupon code option in the shop. You might want to take your query directly to David instead of to the comments. What ever is reasonable is better discussed with David directly. I made an similar order less than two weeks ago – should I get a refund? I think not, I was willing to pay what the items were sold for then (and stocked by RCExplorer at the old agreement with the suppliers).

  3. Hello David!

    Thank you for a great site!
    I would like to order a complete tricopter in your shop. Able to set the webshop page up for a “all parts inclusive tricopter”? Would like your latest tricopter with motors, esc, frame/Naze32 board, tiltmech, props, all of it! RX of my own…

    Thank you!

    • At the time being, I’m not selling the electronics (beside the servo) or the props. This might change in the future, but right now I can only recommend you to order the kit with NAZE32+Power Distribution Frame from the store and order your motors, esc’s, propellers, etc. using the “recommended setup” list. All the components in the lists are linked to suppliers!

  4. I see that everyone has pretty much abandoned the KK2 boards – but – I bought one a while ago, and have just gotten around to building my tricopter (based on the original flite test videos).

    so – my question – regarding the front propellers – looking down from above the tricopter – originally – David recommended that the LEFT arm rotated clockwise (CW)…and right arm rotates CCW, like the rear arm.

    It seems that the new advise it to have left and rear rotating CCW, and the RIGHT arm rotating CW. I was going to use David’s original video about setting up the KK2 board…so… how should I set up those front arms? Old recommendation, or new?

    Thanks guys!

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