26 thoughts on “Mini Tricopter build video

  1. Nice ! Now I can built it without worring about anything 😀 I didn’t notice how well designed the cage is when I saw the pics. Now I see how awesome it is ! Good job David 🙂

    Just one question, I have a metal case for my FPV camera, will it fit in the plate ?

  2. Alright now I feel confident enough to put it together.
    I was wondering what the reason for not routing the wiring for the back motor and servo through the boom was?

  3. Awesome build!
    Skikkelig svensk design og ekte svensk håndtverk.

    I have bought my last piece of chinese frame, now I need to build and crash all of them so I can start buying, building and fly your frames(and not crashing). My original Tri frame I bought last year are still in the box, now I have bought aluminium booms and FT Tough Tilt so I have something I don’t care about to practice on.

    Thank you for the fast S&H on my last purchase, several packs of motor mounts and screws. Works great on HobbyKing 12,8mm Alu booms.

  4. I use 3s batteries. Would EMAX 2204 2300KV with HQ6045 props do the job on this mini Tri?

    How much do the frame weighs without electronics, but with the PDB/Naze?

  5. Thanks David for the build video.

    I am still waiting for my frame to be delivered to me.
    From the tracking status, it has arrived in my country, Singapore.

    Btw I have received the additional 2 screws that you sent, Thanks.

    I can’t wait to build this Mini Tricopter.

  6. Hello David,

    I must say I Really like you’re products. Just got my first tricopter and had no doubt it would be yours! Also nice job on the packaging! Really clean, but we can expect that from the Swedish it think :). I have flown a lot of planes, but this is the first quad. So a bit of a noob… but everybody gotta learn sometime…

    There are 2 thinks i would like to ask you about the build video:

    – You say at 3:24 you recommend testing the motor direction. As i do now wan’t to finish the tricopter and then discover it did it wrong, can you (or anybody here) tell me how to do that. I know it for plane, but they have normal ESC’s connected to the battery. I googled it, but didn’t found good video’s explaining how to test them

    – Can you also maybe show how you have mounted your battery exactly?

    Really exited to continue the build. Keep up the good work David!

    And pssst!… Thank YOU for being awesome!

  7. I have a question. I have my mini Tri all built, Tri flite firmware loaded, cli settings pasted, but I am concerned with the weird setting numbers in the servo tab. Are these numbers normal?

  8. The mini Tricopter flies amazing. Thanks David!

    One suggestion though, the folding mechanism is great but the wires coming out of the tubes are eventually going to be pinched and will fail with normally the worst timing. I put now some Sugru there to guide the wires properly out of the tube. This should improve this. Otherwise everything is nice, although space is very limited 🙂
    Cheers from Zürich!

  9. I just built my mini tri. The build was great and everything went smoothly. However, on the maiden flight after about 2 minutes of easy test flying it dropped out of the sky. Using my telemetry log I was able to confirm the flight pack voltage and RX voltage was fine. Also RSSI was good (I was only about 30 meters away). When I got home I replaced the props and reinforced the cracked arm as best I could so I could do some test hovers. Upon arming I discovered the left motor/ESC would only twitch. I believe this may be what caused my crash…I may have a bad ESC. I hope that is all it is because a bad Naze32 board would be a much bigger pain since it is integrated into the frame. I am really bummed out. I am an experienced quad builder and Naze32 user, but this is my first tricopter.

  10. I took my mini tri out to the park last evening. This was my first time trying to do more than just hover in my front yard. What hoot! I’m a long time fixed wing flyer and this is my first ‘outdoor’ helicopter and it’s a total blast to fly. I walked home with a huge smile on my face. Thanks for a great design!

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