New supplier of (full length) carbon fiber arms

I’ve had some lead time and quality issues with the carbon fiber arms (remember this summer when they were out of stock for a month?) Well it led me to try and find a new, more reliable supplier. I did find one after much searching and last week the first batch of arms arrived! Unfortunately with the release of the mini, I really haven’t had time to post anything about them until now. As the old arms pretty much ran out last week as well, those of you that have ordered the Tricopter v3 recently might get the new arms in your package.

10x10mm carbon fiber boom

With the change of manufacturer we had to make a new mould. So I decided to make the arms more “square” than the old ones. They turned out great with very crisp edges.

As I’m really pleased with the arms, I have ordered this kind of arms for the Mini as well, but it’ll take about a month or so before they get here (I cheated a bit and used the new kind in the build video though). At this time it’s only the full length arms that have changed.

If anyone feels really strongly against the new look on the arms or need to replace only one on an existing tricopter, you can add a message to your order requesting the “old arms”. If you do, the arms that you receive might have some aesthetic defect, such as scratches or blemishes (as the only arms I’ve got left are the second quality sorting). There is however no technical issues with the arms, it’s just esthetics. This option is of course limited in time, when I’ve run out, they will be out for good and only the new kind will be available. You can mix the old and new arms without any problem. They are the same size and everything fits the same. They are simply more square. All new kits sold will be sold with the new style arms.

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  1. Hey David . I just bought my v3 kit a little over a week ago. Is that still coming with the old arms or the new ones. I’m not fussed either way 🙂



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