Air Bears – You can make a difference

Air bears is an absolutely awesome organisation dedicated to connecting RC pilots and local authorities to help in Search and Rescue missions of missing people.

It’s a volunteer based system. If you have a multirotor or fixed wing platform that you can keep on standby to help the local police or fire department in your area, you simply sign up on their website (there is a onetime fee of $25 to cover the registration process and you get a T-Shirt). You’re now registered on their global network of pilots. An online map will help the local authorities that need help, find the closes pilot and quickly get in contact. You can also help spread the word to your local authorities by giving them this brochure.

The goal of Air Bears is to have global coverage of standby ready volunteers to help reunite missing people with their families. If you don’t have an aerial platform that you can have on standby you can help out by donating to the cause.


3 thoughts on “Air Bears – You can make a difference

  1. I am friends with Scott the founder of Air Bears. It is a great group and he is really dedicated to doing good all around. He and the other founding members are great assets to our community and Search and rescue in general. Dont forget anyone with a camera on their plane or Multi Rotor can Help. Even if you just go up then review the footage later. Its a great cause and I believe every one who can should join in. They are giving all of us a better Name.

    Way to go airbears!!!

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