4 thoughts on “New FT AfterHours podcast

  1. Nice talk but felt like you did miss out on some of the laws here. Like the restricted flight zones around airports and how we need to call the airtowers and ask for permission to fly inside those. Those zones are about 50 km so about the same size as 30 miles. Also another problem with the possible view of the old law is that if they rule camera equipped rc as camera surveillance. Any footage taken by those may only be view during suspicion for crime and not stored more then 2 months. And this is if we ever were to get permission as a start. O David not sure if you knew but its forbidden in Sweden to fly fpv without a spotter ( at least 1 person needs to see the “drone” at all time). 😉

  2. I thought it was a pretty good podcast. I didn’t know that the same paranoia was stretched around the world over radio controlled aircraft. That is a shame, I myself live next to a airport where the lack of maintenance and inspection on full size aircraft caused 2 crashes with in a couple miles from my house. I think it’s a little on the ridiculous side the government is concerned with model aircraft when the full size 747 and 777 fall from the sky.

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