New stuff in the store

Just added some small items to the store, such as;
Some really nice quality 6mm and 3mm Wire Mesh Guard different colours,
A loud 5V active beeper/buzzer to use with the Naze32,
Separate BEC components for when you have a really bad crash, or want to upgrade your non BEC PDB,
Separate pin header in case you accidentally soldered it to the wrong side, or smushed it in a really weird crash.


10 thoughts on “New stuff in the store

  1. @Kris welcome to the club I did it too!

    Love that you are carrying wire mesh now that stuff isn’t carried by my other rc online retailers except hobby king and they are slow shippers.

    +1 on the heat shrink

    Can’t wait for the tri v3.5 electronics kit you will be offering soon. When you stock that I will be ordering the v3.5 for sure.

  2. Hi!!

    I bought your tri 3.5 15 days ago. Why so many KVs in your motors? I see in forums that people use more or less 800 …
    Explain to me why I choose your motors. I think to use the tri for fpv. I am new at this.
    Sorry for my google english and thanks.

    • To swing a smaller prop at higher RPM’s. Gives more agile flight characteristics, better performance in wind. Better stability as the RPM’s changes quicker. Also decent is more stable and quicker.
      Hovering time with larger props is higher though. But at the cost of agility.

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