Tricopter V3.5 Electronics kit

Finally! After months and months of testing different motors, ESCs and props, I’ve finally found the optimum combination of components

V3ElectronicsKit1 copy

The kit contains the brand new, custom wound 2217 stator size, 1300KV motor. Tuned specifically to provide the best efficiency during hover yet still have tons of power for when you need it.


The über awesome motor uses a 4mm shaft to better handle impacts and abuse. It weighs 77g with cables, which means it has a lot of copper in the windings which provides mounds of torque to swing 8×5 propellers on 4S, or 9×5 on 3S.

To turn the super awesome motors 3 LittleBee 30A ESC’s are used. These ESC’s use the Silabs C8051F390 processor with dedicated gate drivers to achieve super fast switching which increases efficiency, throttle response and thrust generated by the motor. They work on 2-6S and are flashed with BLHeli 14.3 with dampened light enabled by default. They are also Oneshot125 compatible and together with the active breaking they give a really crisp and precise control over the copter.270mmWire2crop

Also included in the kit are 3 – 432mm long 18 gauge power and servo wires, the perfect length for the Tricopter V3.5.HQ8x5CW

A power package is only as good as the propellers providing the thrust. After testing many, many props these are by far the best ones I found. The 8×5 Thin electric by HQ. They are carbon fiber reinforced to provide good stiffness, they are light weight which improves quick throttle response (which makes the copter more stable as the updates from flight controller is executed quicker), They also have the best “out of the package” balance out of the bunch (you should still always balance your props!). They are also very efficient on this setup and they cut the air better than other multirotor specific props.

Lastly, the kit also includes the raining champion of tricopter tail servos, the Blue Bird 210 DMH. Tough, powerful, precise and reliable, this servo performs again and again.

The price tag for the Tricopter V3.5 power package is $150. Get them while they’re hot!

5 thoughts on “Tricopter V3.5 Electronics kit

  1. The kit looks awesome! Well done David! 🙂

    How’s the flight time on a 3s-2200mah with this kit? (fpv only, without a gopro). Do I need to get some bigger batteries to make a difference?

    From your experience, how does a 4s compare to a 3s on this setup? (when the batteries have similar weights)

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