Mini Tricopter Arms back in stock!

The Mini Tricopter arms are finally back in stock, which means that the Mini Tricopter kit is also off backorder. The Full size arms are, according to the tracking, scheduled to arrive on the 31st of March.Mini Tricopter 6x4.5x3

In the meantime I’ve done some tests with 6×4.5×3 props on the Mini Tricopter and it’s pretty awesome! The motors have so much torque that they still come down almost cold. Will do more tests to see how well the setup holds up compared to the standard 6×4.5 which have phenomenal performance. Have any of you tested out any other prop configurations?

15 thoughts on “Mini Tricopter Arms back in stock!

  1. David, cut the crap, for real those motors are crap.. No power at all, maybe they are nice for making nice videos, but for a Racing Mini Tricopter are NOT.

    I think the way to go are motors like: Cobras or T-Motors on 2000kv, you should offer a “Racing Kit” with other ESC’s / Motors, that could provide the torque and the speed needed to race properly. And please a separate BEC, the one that comes with the frame oh my, you know how many problems I had with that demonic thingy.


    • Maybe you got some motors from a bad batch? I would suggest contacting David directly before blasting the gear he sells with generic/useless criticisms.

    • These motors provide very decent power and flight time. If you are into racing, then this setup is not ideal for you. You are trading off flight time and stability for speed an maneuverability. It’s really up to the pilot.

  2. To me it seems like the majority of people really like David’s motors. There are plenty of other motor and esc options out there so if you don’t like his setup, do your research and buy something that fulfills your needs.
    Keep up the great work David!

  3. I flew a lot with the 6045 DAL BN on 2204 2300kV Emax with 20amp little bee on 4s and it was a blast but I kept burning the back ESC. 6045 prop are a lot to big for those motor/ESC setup so I tried the 5*4*4 HQ. The 4 blades props gave a really smooth and stable tri 🙂 I loved it but it felt a little underpowered. I’ll oreder asap 30 amp ESC or bigger to try 6*4.5 tripal 🙂

  4. I would have to disagree with you juansacco. I think the motors are very good. They are in the perfect efficiency zone for calm flight which provides good flight times. Top end power is good but not crazy. The motors are very sturdy and crash resistant. They are very torquey as they have such a large stator and large magnets. If you want more power you can go up to a 7″ props and get tons of cornering power. Top end speed will decrease a bit, but most courses are won in the corners.
    However they are heavy compared to the smaller size motors.

    I do have a racing power pack in the works though with 2205 motors running 6×4.5 props. Plenty of power with reduced weight for people that don’t care much about flight time and just want raw speed 🙂 Should be up on the store by the 6th of April.

  5. Hey now guys, no need to say anything bad about the person expressing an opinion, instead express your opinion on the matter and discuss. Talking about a person is just going to end up feeding the trolls of the internet. Don’t stoop to that level.

    • ” *these ” Oh David, you just killed me 🙂
      Anyway, your tri is the best ! Now that I also have a quad (180 tweaker, RCX 2205 2633kV, 4*4.5 DAL BN tripale, 4s 1300mAh and 20 amp little bee) I can this the difference between the tri and a quad. As the quad feels more like a drag car, the tri is a lot more organic in the feel and can be compared to a drift car. It’s a lot more enjoyable but I guess if you don’t give it a chance you never enjoy flying it.

  6. Though my experience is limited, so far when comparing the mini-tri is relatively heavy compared to the competition. (mine is ~660 gram incl.). .f.e my brother is flying an Dquad inimini H which is ~450 gram with 1300mAh pack, using 5inch props. And its both nimbler (due to less weight) but also accelerates faster with its 2204 1950kv cobras (gemfan 5045).
    Even bigger props like David mentions might help with cornering (haven’t tried though), but it also means motor speed (rpm) is less responsive to throttle changes. Whenever I’m thinking of how to improve it I keep running into the same trade-offs. Davids motors are more general purpose, while Juans choice is more pure racing power, though even then still a bit heavy. Biggest uncertainty I see is how much the torque is a requirement, because it costs a lot in motor weight. Smaller, higher kV motors will increase response times and max RPM at the cost of efficiency, but unless you’re planning to run the equivalent of Le Mans efficiency doesn’t appear that high on the scales when it comes to racing. (looking at all the bullnose/triple/quadruple bladed props).

    If I’d want to make the mini faster I would try to make the frame lighter, so I don’t need the high torque and can use smaller motors and a smaller flight pack.

  7. Hey David I was wondering if I bought a normal tricopter and the electronics kit that goes with it would I be able to convert it into a mini tricopter with the electronics from the larger tricopter and if so how manageable would it be?

  8. Just switched across to 6×4.5 3 blade props I had used with previous lighter tricopters I had built. Wow. So much more pop than with the 2 bladers. No speed demon, sure, whatever, but acceleration is soo much better. I don’t have problems in turns but you really have to turn early and punch the throttle hard. 3 bladers seem to handle that kind of thing better. A more stable blade stall. And the (original) motors and escs came down cooler. Did NOT expect that bit. Although I did kill my original flight board the frame takes abuse. The weight penalty is the cost of resilience, happy to trade that to keep myself in the air.

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