21 thoughts on “Mini Tricopter Electronics kit update

  1. Nice, I still have 12A esc’s on my mini quad and I suspect that one of them are giving me some trouble so I’ll be upgrading to 20A sometime soon.
    Btw, Your website is just getting better and better :).

    • Tim, depends on the motors you use. If you go with the stock motors, then 20a will do the job. SN is good, but LittleBees have better performance because they use SiLabs processors and the build quality is superior. Now if you go with different motors, like Cobras 2208 or 2100kv you will like to use 30a, those motors drain more current.

      So, if you already have the SN20a then stay with them, now if you want to have more speed using different motors and also best performance, do the upgrade. Totally recommended!

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