F3FC Tricopter frame and Tricopter V4 is now available!

F3F3 Tricopter

Designed based on all the feedback we’ve received since the release of the Naze32 frame. This frame has it all; A more powerful processor, 3A switching BEC with selectable 5/6/8V output, no need for a separate power distribution board, pressure sensor, current sensor, low noise gyro/accelerometer connected via SPI and so much more. Get yours here while they’re fresh out of the oven.

Tricopter V4

The Tricopter V4 has among other things a brand new camera/battery plate made from 2mm thick matte 3K carbon fiber. This increases stiffness, which reduces vibrations as well as saves weight (more than 25% lighter). You can now easily mount RunCam2 and GoPro sized cameras.

Camera Tray Kit

After many requests the landing gear has now been made taller and with a wider contact area at the bottom. The sharp edge has also been removed. The new landing gear is also mounted with 4 zip-ties which absorbs more energy in a crash. As you will need more zip-ties for the build, the kit now comes with 2 bags (~50 pieces).

Landing Gear comparison

The new now only weighs 201 grams including Flightcontroller, power distribution, arms, tilt mechanism, motor mounts, screws, landing gear and vibration dampened camera mount. This means more flight time and a more agile platform. Link to the product page.

33 thoughts on “F3FC Tricopter frame and Tricopter V4 is now available!

  1. I got one and the pin too 🙂 Super exited, just wondering if I should go to the emax 2205 2300 (or 2600 ?). I have 3 months old RCX 2208 2050kV …

  2. Great, now my shiny new Mini Tricopter suddenly becomes “old”. You even thought about all those chep BT modules which need 3.3V, really Awsome Design. Are you going to release the Schematics. I’d love to have a look at them.

  3. Carbon bottom plate is niiice. More carbon please (motor, side, mobius, top, front/back holder plates)
    When can we expect an updated build video with the new electronics package?
    Looking to see the the pointing hand again… 🙂

  4. Wow this is great and that was quick getting these new boards in! I’ve got my order placed. This will be quite the upgrade for me coming from the KK2.1 🙂 I like the option for the carbon bottom plate but I’m glad that the top plate (due to the PCB) will stay G10. I just think that the shiny, glossy black G10 looks classy. Keep up the great work David!

  5. Beautiful! 😀

    Promise myself buy one of Davids tricopters when my tricopter (frame made of ice-scrapers, arms of wood and a controlled by a KK2.0) was totaled. The problem is that after three years of flying I still fly with same props I mounted when building it…

    Ordered a MiniTricopter frame, mini electronics kit, wire mesh, buzzer, Tricopter pin and so on. Now only have to order new lipos suitable for cruising around and filming.

    Keep up the good work David!
    (Och tackar så mycket i förskott för leveransen. 🙂 )

  6. David you never cease to surprise me, when you first made the v3 I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and I wanted to buy it right there and then, but something told me I should just wait and see, and I am happy I did!

  7. Finally ordered my first Tri. I’m now really happy I waited for the release of the new version.
    Everything that was holding me back from buying one earlier was resolved by your awesome work david.
    I love everything out of one hand and adjusted to bring the best performance.
    Now the only thing missing in your shop is a battery. But I guess, selling lipo’s brings a lot of overhead making it not worth it.

    • The problem with selling lipos isn’t primarily the overhead (although that is not unimportant), but the shipping restrictions. My carrier won’t accept them, and if you use the special shipping options that does allow lipos, the paperwork is a nightmare… And the shipping cost would also be really high…

  8. Ordered two boards to re-outfit my mini and my tri. And of course got the pin which is really sweet. You shouldn’t be allowed to fly the tri without it. It should be electronic and send a signal to the board, and the board won’t operate without it! LOL

  9. Collected my Mini Tricopter with F3FC at my post office today and THE TRICOPTER LOOKS GREAT! 😀

    Have now unpacked and admired everything. Especially the zip-ties. Have started to building the tilt mechanism, but will wait with the final assemble until the new build video is released. Feeling like a small child at christmas. 🙂

    (Snyggt packat! Misstänker att din bättre hälft förtjänar ett stort tack för både det ena och andra i det här projektet, så hälsa och tacka henne så mycket. Och tack du också.)

  10. Collected my V4 en F3FC board today WITH a PIN 😀
    Hooked up the board to cleanflight, only had to change the orientation of the accelerometer… so waiting for the new video also 😉

      • Ok.
        David, do you also change the GYRO alignment in this video? After having changed to ALPHA2 and used your settings (”… save” in the cli), the ROLL axis in the setup screen inverted. Looking at the previous version of your board, the giro is “CW 180 flip” ed. Thanging the gyro to this setting, the copter on the setup screen is reacting as in real live. Maybe this should also be done with the accel alignment, but I leave that to the expert 😉

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