18 thoughts on “Tricopter V4 build video

  1. Great stuff David, loving the jokes 🙂
    I would love to ask you for one thing – perhaps a small vid showing a conversion between full size V4 and MiniTri. I would imagine there might be people out there that want to do the conversion, etc. Just to show what needs changing, removing, etc. I’m planning to build mine full size but with the canopy for the FPV stuff so in case of a crash i can chop the arms , remove the tray and have a mini 🙂
    Great stuff all around, thank you for being awesome!

    • Same here, I was completing my build slowly, felt as though I was walking through darkness. Now its full steam ahead. Still have some small questions about with power bec to choose/solder (3.3/5/8volt) but ill study that bridge when I get to it.


  2. David,
    You cheated, first the Battery connector was above, a little bit later under the boom. 🙂
    (you did this probably on purpose, to see if we where watching with our full attention.)
    Nice work, and thanks for the quick service, my order is already in Belgium.

  3. David, what do you think about the MultiStar lineup of batteries? I have a 3s 5200 mah and I can fly for 40-50 minutes on my big heavy wooden tri-copter. Can you make a video on them?

  4. I have a question… I’ve had trouble making my receiver appear in Cleanflight. It just doesn’t seem to be recognised when I move the sticks
    Do I need a signal inverter? I have an R9D receiver with Sbus.
    Thanks. Mike

  5. Hi David,

    What is the maximum weight that the booms handle? I am planning to put some 2814 710kv motors in this and 13″ props and some 5000mah batteries. Can the booms and the tilt mechanism handle this?


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