Baby Tricopter build log

I’m finally back from my travels and will now be able get started on the Baby Tricopter build and setup videos. But in the meantime to get the guys that already received theirs up in the air, here is a full build log of the Baby Tricopter.

The 100 picture log should contain most information that you’ll need to be able to go out and race like a maniac. Good luck on the build and happy flying!

10 thoughts on “Baby Tricopter build log

  1. I think the main plate design looks really cool but I am curious about the shape around the front motor mounts. Are those notches functional, or are they just there to look awesome?

  2. Any plans for a 4mm thick CF version? Or maybe you’re going to release plans after a while?
    I really like the Baby, but also I do like crashing 😀 4mm may make a difference.

    • We tested and flew the prototype with a 4mm unibody. WAY overkill! It makes the BabyTri heavier with no apparent benefit – And also makes it more expensive to produce. Please do post the video where you manage to break the 3mm uniframe, that is going to be one epic video! 😉

  3. I love the pictures for the build log. This little tricopter looks so cool! I can’t wait to get it flying. However I’m missing all David’s jokes from the build videos.
    There was one section that I had to watch about a dozen times before I got it right. It was right around the mascara bottle bit. Now every time I see a mascara bottle I’m thinking about cleanflight settings!

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