Out of office – Limited support and email replies for a while

I’ll be jumping on a plane headed for Flite Fest tomorrow morning. During my stay I’m going to have limited internet access and time to answer emails and such. Johanna will be holding down the fort while I’m gone, answering support tickets and shipping out orders just as usual.cropped-FF16_logo_horizontal-01I know I’ll be seeing some of you at Flite Fest. It’s going to be an awesome time! Just hope the Ohio weather cooperates.

After Flite Fest I’ll be joining the RotorRiot crew in Pripyat, Ukraine to do some flying. This means that if you send me an email, you shouldn’t expect a reply until August.

11 thoughts on “Out of office – Limited support and email replies for a while

    • When Chris asked him last week on the FT Afterhours podcast if he was bringing some super-secret surprises with him to FliteFest he said “Uh, yes.”

  1. David, glad to know your ba k and safe. Please tell us / blog about Flite Test 2016. How was the atmosphere? What big wigs where there? How was the baby tricopter greeted? Any new creations there that wowed you?

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