Pre-Release of the BabyTricopter is… NOW!

With David all the way across the big pond meeting some of you at FliteTest, this announcement has fallen on my shoulders, and will therefore be shorter and less descriptive than usual. Here goes:Baby Tricopter


Baby TricopterA new beast has hatched. Measuring 170mm motor to motor and weighing only 280 grams with electronics and FPV gear, the BabyTricopter is in size and weight really just a baby compared to its older brothers. But don’t be fooled, this baby packs a punch! Be sure that you know what you’re doing before flying this beast…

You can choose between the Baby with it’s custom F3FC racing and power distribution board included for just $99, or  just the Baby Tricopter (without flightcontroller and PDB), for as little as $69.

The F3FC Racing and new PDB can of course
also be bought separately (although you get a nice discount if you buy them with the kit), and you’ll find more info on those product pages.

Shipping will start on Monday/Tuesday so order now!


The Baby of course will need some power, and we’re also releasing an electronics kit, with the same EMAX motors as used by the MiniTricopter, but with Aikon 30A ESC’s and three-bladed orange propellers from HQ. This kit is however currently on Pre-Order, ar we are awaiting the arrival of our chosen Aikon 30A ESC’s. You can still order the kit, but it won’t be shipped until the ESC’s have arrived.


Have some patience with the product descriptions and info, this is, after all, a Pre-Release! More info will be added, and spare parts will become visible in the store as we’ve had time to somewhat fix their respective product pages.

20 thoughts on “Pre-Release of the BabyTricopter is… NOW!

  1. This frame looks fantastic, but i think this most lower body plate can be more usefull; e.g.: PDB, ESC’s holder (like Lumenier QAV 250),etc… You can get more space for all parts.

    PS: order placed 🙂

  2. I ordered mine with the F3 flight controller and the PDB. it doesn’t look like there is a barometer in it, is there a external sensor module that you would recommend for this FC? I’d really like the altitude shown on my OSD


    • Dirt on the lens: Less than 1 cm altitude
      Grass on the lens: 1-20 cm altitude
      Nothing on the lens: You are not trying hard enough 😉

      Seriously though, you won’t have time to check your altitude on the OSD when flying this beast!

      • I’m sure you are correct, as it looks like a handful! Mainly just wanted it to be uniform. My v4 and the mini have the same OSD, and wanted the same display and junk on the screen lol


      • Mine is assembled. I used nylon nuts for the lower battery tray instead of the spacers that came with it to make the distance shorter, albeit a slight amount. It also extended the long screws into the stand offs a slight amount. The FC and PDB are installed, but I used shorter nylon stand offs between the PDB and FC for more clearance between the tray for the vtx and the underside of the top plate. Also I have the tilt and servo installed with the 3 emax red bottoms. No ESCs or wiring yet. But that weight is 246 grams. It also has a runcam swift and spektrum diversity receiver installed. If I disassemble it again I will weigh just what you asked


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